Friday, February 21, 2014

The kingdom comes without observation.

Because its already in us. Luke 17:19-21
But you wouldn't think so watching the church turn itself into a navel gazing pretzel discussing and arguing, organising and teaching successive generations about submission, missions and missing truths.
Angst and finger pointing among Christians are the de facto narrative of the modern church, notwithstanding our universally agreed upon mission statements to save the world.
And after 500 years of that comedy of errors, the world has taken it upon themselves to save us, by forcefully adopting us into their family.
And we're obliging them, whilst pretending to be not interested.
So, for any who want off this hamster wheel, allow me to suggest a simple solution.
Do nothing.
Jesus, as He ascended to heaven, said to us "Stay in Jerusalem until you receive power from heaven" to go forth into all the world, first in Jerusalem, then Samaria, then the furthest reaches of earth.
In other words, shut up be quiet and don't try to give me a hand building my kingdom, until I give u power to do so.
I suggest that real leaders, who are provably so by their proven, time tested qualities as uber followers of Jesus, will see that Jesus command still applies to us, because we are just like the 1st believers, full of zeal and energy, looking for someone to fix, but not yet emptied of our own vision, importance and wisdom. Only waiting together in an upper room, above the fray of frenetic energy, will prepare us to allow God the time to do surgery on us, cleansing us from any and all self that thinks to do Him a favour.
That 40 days of waiting and praying together, with no clearly defined agenda, no leaders, no Sunday School or hymn books et al, was the simple step of corporate obedience that kick started a hundred or more years of being able to see the kingdom within themselves, and prevented them from chasing or building one that could be seen, controlled and bought and sold.
Our stubborn adherence to traditions and leaders who think they can teach and train strong biblical disciples or grow the church into kingdom awareness and power, without collectively waiting for Him to come among us with a cleansing fire, must be the 1st error burned out of our minds, by the very fire we fear so much.
But we must go to that upper room together, with no titles, labels or pet doctrinal statements, and actively wait for Him too appear in our midst.
Real leaders will go there themselves, and call the rest of the body to join them.