Sunday, October 11, 2015

Seeking God's kingdom during the Canadian federal election

Some thoughts....maybe even a rant....we'll see.
This will be unedited, and shot from the hip as I think it.

So, I've decided to self identify as a citizen of heaven 1st, and a Canadian citizen second,
As such, my heavenly king and culture dictate what and how I act as an earthly citizen, and who I vote for, or not.
Sadly, for the fourth election in a row, I cant in good conscience vote for anyone in my area.
Paradoxically, we have some very good candidates running, but they support some very anti kingdom political machinery and agenda's. The Conservatives and Liberals, both traditional parking lots for Christian voters, are neck and neck in the polls, which might be smoke and mirrors, and given that their agenda's both contribute to the lucrative abortion slaughterhouse mill, I wont lend my support, even if the country falls into ruin.
The Conservatives, led by a Christian man as Prime Minister, has cowardly refused to use his majority to enact laws to protect the unborn.
The law governing abortion was struck down by our Supreme Court years ago, and the federal government(s) has kicked that hot potatoe down the field every four years, hoping God and men would look the other way.
And to our shame, Canadians obliged, looking away as our fellow citizens and future friends were cut out, carved up and their parts sold on the open medical market like bacon in a butcher shop.
And the NDP, the only other large political machine, albeit falling behind, have long held to a policy of genocide toward the unborn.
I've considered voting independent but having cut my social/philosophical teeth in the political arena, as a Christian, I doubt they have or soon could possess the respect of the electorate. Many independents are Christian, or ideologues, who have sincere intentions to goodwill, but who have a deeper impact in their local areas than on a national stage as a small group or segment of a larger body. If I want to see Canadians get over the wall of being an adolescent country that looks in the mirror like a teenager, to admire themselves, then I am going to be very strategic and intentional, and as wise as possible.
So, I'm boycotting the election again, as part of a strategically arrived at plan of action. If you unquestioningly swallow the idea that voter apathy is at the root of our malaise, I suggest that you have drunk the kool-aid offered by the talking heads in media, who are owned by players in the political and elite class, and who are decidedly not apathetic when it comes to protecting their wealth, power and future prospects.
If these guys wanted us to vote, and I mean vote to effect change that benefits all, they would relentlessly pursue some form of electoral reform such as proportional representation etc.
They command our attention every time they sneeze, and we listen to them as if they are rock stars but they have traded being truthful with being important and right in our eyes.
But we cant be angry at them either, because if we are honest, most of us would not turn down an invitation to join their clubs if it was offered. In days past, I also wanted wealth, power and security, not for myself so much as my children and fellow citizens. In the end I walked away, having become afraid at how much power and influence was being wielded in government, corporations, media and entertainment by men and women who are very slick and savvy but who lack a dominant motive of goodwill toward all, at their own loss if necessary.
I come by this sad perspective honestly and with sincere care for my fellow Canadians, having been a charter and executive member of the Reform Party of Canada for almost a decade.
In that capacity, I found my voice and developed a personal vision for Canada and came to appreciate our Judeo/Christian heritage and an amazing history overseen by a loving God. I also developed an abiding passion to protect our unique place and position in the world community, as an almost unanimous country of em-paths and peace brokers, comparatively speaking.
Please believe me when I say that there are large numbers of people on the world stage that hate our generosity, egalitarian spirit and peacenik policies, because these virtues stand between them getting the fruit of their vices.
But to protect our collective and historical voice, imperfect as it is, given our own collective sins and vagaries, its necessary to agree on what is said, and that requires unity, vision and political good will.
And we've lost that.
Our historic institutions and political system are arguably outdated and in some cases, broken, as is our electoral system, which reflects how fragmented and vision-less our leaders have become.
As free and democratic taxpaying voters, we have been slothful, myopic and selfish; letting ourselves and our leaders off the hook as managers and caretakers over our own resources and culture,
We have empowered our leaders, both executive and spiritual, by design or negligence, as a class, to wield power and spend money like drunken sailors, and then we blame them for not listening to the will of the electorate, or God.
We have nothing to blame politicians or preachers for because the political and religious class is birthed and nurtured by all of us citizens, and they are actually the best, and worst of us.
There is no them vs us, as some suggest.
There is just us, and we are either honestly and in good faith and good will, caring for our neighbor and neighborhoods, or we are caring only for ourselves.
Its impossible to be a little bit bad or good in intention, just as its impossible to be a little bit pregnant. Being both good and bad, hot and cold is known as lukewarm, and God has a special place in hell reserved for that bunch.
If we hire surrogates to go to parliament on our behalf, to extend our goodwill and care to our larger family, they can only be filled with the same strength of goodwill or selfishness as we are, because they came from among us.
If our politicians care only for themselves, and their paychecks, pensions and perks, its because we do as a citizenry, and sending our best and brightest to Ottawa only kicks the ball forward to the national and international playing field.
So, I am strategically not voting, in order to start a conversation about the pointlessness of voting for shallow and facile thinking, planning and spending.
In truth, Im really giving myself a slap in the face, because I am also one of us, who has contributed to this fiasco.
I think it matters that my non vote is intentional and strategic, rather than uncaring and uniformed.
I think there are many more like me, who once had hope, and worked for and prayed for God to bless us, and us, and showed their hope and thankfulness by caring for one another, and choosing leaders that respect all men alike.
Its sad that the voting numbers may need to drop to an alarming and dangerous low before, and if the average Jane/Joe Canadian feels the heat of the flames of our heritage burning, because we collectively left matches around for adolescent politicians to play with.
And for those that have ears to hear it, the same disease plagues the church and its leaders.
If you think Im over reacting, turn on your radio and listen to Question Period, as the Prime Minister(s) and most MP's engage in name calling, cursing, interrupting, lying and arrogant speeches, in an effort to divide the country to side with them.
It doesnt matter which party is in power if that group is enticing us to choose sides against each other!
Im sick of locker room politics and, dont want my kids to inherit it and I know if I dont say something, they will rightfully accuse me of apathy, at which point the media will be correct.
And that would be irony if they were found to be truthful about that one thing.
My end game is strategic too.
I think Canadians will in fact come to regret our adolescent self interest as a body politic, and as a community of communities.
I think we will one day have a change of heart toward one another, and see that we listened to bad advice, in rejecting each other because we had different ideas about how to exercise goodwill toward each other.
I hope enough average Joe/Jane citizens will also boycott useless voting, and kickstart a widepread discussion about policy's that include the unborn, marginalized and the weak and poor as equals.
I pray that God not quit talking to us, forgive us and heal us.
If that happens, I will vote again,